Historic Places Merced online platform

Una interessante applicazione di un open source database system. Le applicazioni di Arches fanno chiederci quando sarà il nostro (italia) intervento in questi ambiti. Nel frattempo vediamo cosa si può fare!

What is Historic Places Merced? This project explores the Built Heritage of Merced in relation to its communities, the formation of identities in San Joaquin’s Valley California and the development of the town of Merced. The starting point of this work is the survey of historic buildings of Merced made in 1985 that inventoried more than 900 historic buildings and houses in downtown Merced. The aim of the research will be to investigate how the digital publication of old datasets can have a high impact and relevance for the present day communities of these areas. 

Historic Places Merced is an online platform, a opensource database system called Arches, specially developed by the Getty for cultural heritage inventories. More info about Arches technology: https://www.archesproject.org