International Course on the Conservation of Modern Heritage

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Advanced course for mid-career professionals presented in a blended (online and in-person) format.

The next course will be held online and in-person March-August 2025.
Applications open June 1, 2024.
The International Course on the Conservation of Modern Heritage (MAC) advances the conservation of modern heritage, landscapes, and architecture by providing participants with methodological and practical tools through lectures, discussions, exercises, demonstrations, site visits, and field projects. Participants learn about advances in research and practice that have influenced approaches to modern heritage conservation.

This course also provides a platform for participants and instructors to share experiences, challenges, and outcomes of their work in a supportive and engaged environment.

MAC 2025

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MAC25 will be a blended format educational course composed of 10 modules delivered online followed by two weeks in person in Los Angeles. The teaching team is composed of Getty Conservation Institute staff and an international team of experts, all recognized heritage conservation professionals with extensive experience in modern heritage conservation. Their lectures represent various perspectives and diverse geographic regions. The course covers a broad range of contemporary issues that professionals face in the conservation of modern heritage, from theoretical and methodological issues to the technical aspects of materials conservation.

Topics Include:

  • Introduction to Conservation of Modern Heritage
  • Broadening an Understanding of Modern Heritage
  • Values-Based Approaches in Practice
  • Upgrading and Adapting Modern Heritage
  • Resilience and Sustainability
  • Modern Landscapes and Settings
  • Materials and Technical Challenges
  • Advocacy for Modern Heritage

The program starts with an overview of the evolution of modern heritage conservation, the key challenges faced by the field and the ways international organizations address them. The course will then focus on broadening participants’ understanding of the heritage of modernity looking at both buildings and landscapes.

Using the thematic approach in this course will expand the identification of modern heritage places. Next, the course will present the values-based approach to conservation management and practical conservation and planning tools to guide practice. It will also examine the issues of resilience and environmental sustainability, the upgrading and adaptation of modern heritage, and technical aspects of conserving commonly used modern materials.

The course will highlight the important role of advocacy, its strategic objectives, and its application to the conservation of modern architecture.