Managing risks to cultural heritage with the ABC System

A seriously professional approach on the ICCROM’s web site

Effective management of risks to cultural heritage is now fully supported by the new web-based ABC Risk Management System for Cultural Heritage.

The ABC Risk Management System for Cultural Heritage (or ABC System) is a tool to assist professionals and institutions interested in implementing the ABC method of risk management. We partnered with the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) and the Casa de Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz) to create this risk-based, decision-support tool for cultural heritage managers. The free tool can be accessed online via a browser by multiple users from the same institution, enabling effective collaborative work across different sectors and disciplines.

On 4 November 2022, ICCROM, Casa de Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz), and CCI held a virtual launch event to announce the ABC System.

ABC System ToolsThis system is the product of many years of working on the ABC Method – a risk management approach to the preservation of cultural heritage created by ICCROM and CCI. It follows in the footsteps of the 2017 ABC Method guidebook, written by ICCROM and CCI. The manual offers a comprehensive understanding of risk management applied to the preservation of heritage assets, whether collections, buildings or sites.


The ABC System tool is available for free download: (PT-BR) (EN) (FR)

Missed the launch event? Watch the recording