Dossier Èclat


  • Numero: 101-102
  • Annata: XXVII gennaio-giugno 2016
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2018
  • Autori: AA.VV.
  • Pagine: 100
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Dossier Éclat.

Brilliance and its erasure in societies, past and present: vocabulary, operations, scenographies, meanings

edited by Philippe Jockey, Helen Glanville, Claudio Seccaroni

  • Foreword
    Philippe Jockey
  • L’éclat: the scientific challenges of an extinguished brilliance
    Philippe Jockey
The vocabulary of light reflected
  • All that glitters is not gold…
    Clarisse Prêtre
  • Matte surfaces: meaning for audiences of 18th-century pastel portraits and the implications for their care today
    Thea Burns
The actions: brilliance, shine and its erasure
  • Brilliance and the imprint: Roman mural painting, an architectural epidermis
    Maud Mulliez
  • The eternal life of the painting: obliteration versus the brilliance of the artist’s genius
    Ana González Mozo
Ancient, modern and contemporary tagins of éclat and its erasure
  • Architecture and the radiance of Greek sculpture
    Sophie Montel
  • Colour, radiance and meaning. A semiological perspective on Greek Archaic Korai
    Anthony Mathé
  • Technology in the arts, humanities and cultural heritage
    Franz Fischnaller
  • Ritual practices of ‘preservative’ obliteration in the Iron Age. An archaeological perspective on the choice of colours and materials
    Mario Dentir
  • De-gild, re-gild, erase. The decora tions of Paleo-Christian
    churches (4th-6th cen tury).The morals of religion and the political discourse of erasure and obliteration the role of materials
    Elisabetta Neri
  • “A world of material splendour”. Walter Pater and the paradox of Greek sculptural polychromy
    Charlotte Ribeyrol
Post scripta
  • Some reflections on éclat and its erasure. The perspective of a restorer and translator
    Helen Glanville
  • The luminous materials of the divine
    Claudio Seccaroni

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